Second Hand Shopping in Luxembourg – Furniture and Decoration

This week I’m getting the keys to my new apartment. The past few weeks have provided so much fun when it came to choosing what my space will look like (can’t wait to show you that on another post)!

I like to fill my place with random things that aren’t new or shiny, but old and full of stories. Many of the things that I have and will have in my home are small treasures – not because of their monetary value, but because finding them in a shop or a stall has filled me with enormous joy.

Today I want to share with you the best places in Luxembourg to find these treasures! The next article will be dedicated to second hand clothes, shoes and accessories.

Which shops are the best to buy vintage furniture and decoration?

My favorite second hand shop for furniture and decoration is hands down Troc. They have two sites, one in Hollerich and one in Esch-sur-Alzette. They also have a website so you don’t have to go there every day to check for the new arrivals! I recently got there a gorgeous monastery table that I can’t wait to show you!

Nei Aarbecht is also a fantastic place to find great deals. Not only do they provide opportunities to reintegrate people who have been unemployed for a long time, they also offer great products at amazing prices. They have a Facebook page where they post some of the items and where you can reserve them.

Vintage Mood by the Luxembourgish Red Cross is also a great place to find deals. Their selection is much smaller, and in my experience it’s either been hit or miss. However, I have managed to get some GORGEOUS things for my kitchen for a few euros.

Les Puces de Gostingen has an ENORMOUS selection, coming after cleaning attics and basements full of stuff people don’t want anymore! The stock is often replenished with treasures available at very affordable prices. They also have an online site where you can shop without going there.

Your local recycling center is often the best place to find things. You’d be surprised what people throw away! And they’re free! All recycling centers have a place where you can drop things, and where people can get them. The best time to go there is on Saturday afternoons as that’s when people who have cleaned out their houses bring stuff. You wouldn’t believe the treaures I have found there for FREE!

Got a more generous budget ? Antiquaires are the place to go !

Luxembourg is filled with antiquarians across the country. I will admit I go there more to see and admire the treasures than to actually buy anything, but they’re all filled with amazing finds. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Antiquaire Armand Wagner

Antiquités Mike Decker

Antiquités Garrel

Antiquités Galerie Ganesha

China Collection

Oddhaus Vintage, which is my absolute favorite as the furniture and decoration objects they have are Scandinavian style. They are only open by appointment but their website and their Facebook page list all their items.

What about markets and specific events?

The Federation des Antiquaires et Brocanteurs du Grand Duché du Luxembourg organises weekly antique markets. Most of them take place on Saturday mornings in the city center, but some also take place in other cities from time to time. You can find the whole schedule here. Please note that this year, because of COVID, the market in the city takes place Rue Aldringen and not Place d’Armes. Twice a year, they also organise a huge big fair at Luxexpo. For now, they are planned for September and November 2020.

Every first Sunday of the month (March-November) the flea market in Arlon provides a great opportunity to find great deals! It takes place in the Grand-Place.

The Salon du Vintage comes to Luxembourg once a year at the LuxExpo and has loads of fabulous objects! This year there’s also an exposition honoring Karl Lagerfeld.

And finally…

Don’t underestimate the value of the internet!

Luxbazar is filled with nice things that people are giving away or selling for cheap. It is a bit hard to navigate through the website, and there’s a lot of different languages that need to be spoken to talk to all the sellers there!

Across the border in France, I regularly take a look at Leboncoin. The French do love their second hand markets! I have narrowed my search to the neighboring regions (departments 54 and 57), and I have found loads of good deals. Plus, a lot of the sellers in the most immediate villages work in Luxembourg, so sometimes the exchange is even easier!

There’s dozens of Facebook buy/sell groups. Among my favorites,
Luxembourg Expats Buy/Sell Group, Luxbazar, BONNES AFFAIRES LUXEMBOURG, La Vintagerie Luxembourg, Free Your Stuff, Ze Verkaafen / Zu Verkaufen / A Vendre / For Sale – Luxembourg, Ze Verkaafen Au Luxembourg, Sell Stuff & Buy Stuff in Luxembourg, Luxembourg second hand flea market, Ikea Second Hand Luxembourg, Buy & Sell in Luxembourg, Sell & Buy in Luxembourg, Sell, give, exchange; 2nd hand in Luxembourg, BONNES AFFAIRES AU LUXEMBOURG.

And finally, Facebook Marketplace has some great deals … if you know how to find them. It is still highly confusing how they’ve set it up, so for me it’s not ideal but I’ve heard people find great deals there!

Once you discover all these Ali Baba caves, please so share pictures of your found treasures!

One thought on “Second Hand Shopping in Luxembourg – Furniture and Decoration

  1. Xi Oana says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing your tips! Would be good to know (in case you found some) also shops in Germany, Belgium, France – not far from the border.


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